We have worked with many of the world's leading medical device companies from US, Europe and India. We are also proud to have worked with many finest innovators, whose product concepts are rapidly changing the rules of patient care and treatment modalities.

We have taken 'user needs' right up to 'market reality'. Though we have worked on several products, here are some non-confidential case studies of the projects which we have undertaken


VMT worked with Dr. Scherr and Dr. Goldberg, two prolific doctors with string of successful products, right from concept development till clinical launch. Nanyx is an adjustable urinary incontinence sling, for both males and females, which can be tightened as needed, after the swelling settles down. The product was not just designed and manufactured by VMT, even the first in human trial was conducted by us, under the supervision of the inventor surgeons.


One of our most challenging assignments involved the development of a bioabsorbable anastomosis device for joining together Urethra with Bladder after a radical prostatectomy. Customized absorbable PLA with unique properties was developed for the application. VMT contributed to the platform patent for UAD, which is granted by USPTO.


VMT worked with Origami Surgical on its StitchKit product, right from concept stage to building clinical prototypes. StitchKit is a suture capsule comprising set of sterile sutures and dispose bin to collect the needles, thereby shaving off considerable amount of OT time, saving costs, especially during Da Vinci Robotic surgery. Along with partners in US, VMT helped Origami file and secure a 510K for their path-breaking product.


We worked with Covidien (now Medtronic) to develop ReliaMax for Emerging Markets. Providing the same quality of medical care at affordable costs requires a unique design philosophy. Costly and wasteful parts were reengineered for reuse, maintaining the mission critical parts as a sterile single use to bring down per use cost.

A dedicated team of engineers at VMT worked with Covidien even before they could set up their R&D centers in India and China. The successful commercial launch of ReliaMax helped with a series of product design projects on similar lines.

Several Patents were filed by Covidien with VMT engineers as key innovators.


EES, having developed a surgical stapler many years ago, needed to reinvent itself and think about new emerging technologies. VMT provided more than 150 new ideas and several prototypes for EES platform of new stapler line of products


Dr. T. K. Susheel Kumar (Assistant Professor at LeBonheur Childrens’ Hospital, Memphis, Tenesee, USA) was working on a solution to a unique cardiac condition affecting the blood circulation in children. He approached Veol with a requirement to set up an experiment to prove the principle of working of the proposed solution. Veol proposed a scientific approach to conduct the experiments, designed and built the experimental setup from scratch that was cost effective and generated all the relevant data that could help Dr. Kumar gain insights into the physics of the problem and take decision on further course of action in his development effort.


This Suture clip was developed for Palisade Surgery Concepts based in New Jersey, USA. Proxim 8 is a surgical stapler that automates delivery of secured sutures. A fascial plication device that facilitates closure of deep soft tissue.


The IVD was developed for a leading company in diagnostic industry. It has analysis capability of 26 types of proteins. Some of the reagents are ASO / CRP / RF / HbA1C / Microalbumin / Cystatin - C / IgE / Ferritin / Lp (a) / D-Dimer. lC card reader and barcode reader for the parameters is integrated in the design. It also has in-built QC storage facility for one month for each parameter.